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Seek Lanka

Seek Lanka is a popular company represent tea bags manufacturing. We are working together With one of the most leading company in Japan and already we have a good market in this field. The secret of our success is the product that we are giving to the customers are totally safe, Clean, super fresh and quality with our special packaging.!

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Our company makes various flavors of tea bags like apple, Orange, Strawberry, Lemon, Caramel, Blueberry etc… these tea bags are making kind of a very special stapler less system. These tea bags are high quality and tea products are making from Sri Lankan and Indian tea leaves and it is blend with “Granular essence” which is a product of USA. The specialty in this Granular essence is when you mix it with water then it will give you a super fresh flavor.

Sampath Wickramasinghe

"These tea bags are exporting to SEEK CO,.LTD in Japan. Including tea bags SEEK LANKA is exporting many more products such as brooms, brushers, different kinds of carpets etc. for these products SEEK LANKA is dealing with other companies to fulfill their day to day services.
And special thanks to our talented and well experienced staff members to their excellent job for leading SEEK LAKNKA CO to a success.

- President @ SEEK LANKA company in Sri Lanka

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106/3, Janatha Mawatha, Navinna, Maharagma, Sri Lanka.
Telephone: +94714 294 496

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